Monday, June 19, 2017

The AutoImmune Struggle ...

Unless you or someone you loved is faced with an autoimmune disease I think it is relatively safe to say not many people know about it or how much it can affect someone's life.

I've lived with at least one autoimmune issue for the last decade and it is safe to say that the health issues that come from it affect pretty much every facet of my world. The ways it changes and shifts what would be my normal existence may not seem significant to you the reader but to individuals like me who face these challenges day in and day out, it is a great challenge.

There are over a hundred documented autoimmune diseases and its claimed that once one is unlocked more can follow. They also never seem to know the 'triggers' and of course they are a life long condition that some have treatment for and others don't.

Personally I think some of the problem is that in today's world we as a society don't talk openly about our issues enough. People end up ashamed or judged. I know in a lot of situations that is how I've felt before.

I've had quite a start to my 34th year of life. One that I had originally hoped would begin a turning point in my physical life. That is still up in the air but I am certainly hopeful for year 35 in 11 months.

The people who have known me for some time are aware that I've had a few diagnosis that I have been dealing with since I was 24. The list seemed to make each of them worse because one would cause an effect that would increase or decrease the symptoms of the other.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with the following:

- Ulcerative Colitis

In 2009 I was diagnosed with the following:

- Thyroid Eye Disease
- Insulin Resistance
- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

In 2013 I was officially diagnosed with:

- Endometriosis
- Celiac Disease

Three of these four were suspected to be the main cause of all my pregnancy related trauma and they made each other worse in terms of hormones. If you're keeping count we are at six confirmed autoimmune / hormone related issues that I was learning how to deal with and conquer.

Now in 2017 due to the random happenstance of my left ankle that I broke in college and my right wrist that I injured in marital arts both suddenly acting up on me we had a series of blood work done.

Now I am waiting for confirmation for the following autoimmune diseases to become added to the list of issues my body is facing:

- Systemic Lupus
- Sjogren's Syndrome
- Antiphosphlipid Syndrome

The waiting game now begins for this next part of the tour through hell that my body must take. And when it is all said in done, it is the Antiphosphlipid Syndrome that we are pretty convinced was the cause of all the babies I've lost over the years. Not the PCOS, Insulin Resistance or Endometriosis, but the blood clot factor that a simple aspirin a day could have helped prevent.

Kind of a lot of information to take in after having a major abdominal surgery that has pretty much left me confined to my home. The hysterectomy to relieve me of the endometriosis and PCOS issues opened a whole new can of worms just by happenstance.

This blog I know doesn't make a lot of sense, it is a bit random in posting. But I have been reflecting on my emotions and I need to start getting them out. My blog used to be a source of therapy for me and I feel an urge to write again. But not fiction, my emotions.

I do hope one day I can find a way to be at peace with all of these issues that get slapped in my face. I'll be honest the last 28 days have been some of the hardest emotionally for me that I can remember since my last baby died in 2009 and I am really struggling with coping.

There is a lot of things people do in their lives to stay healthy but I honest feel like no matter how hard I work something always comes back up that throws me back down a peg. I am really praying for a miracle. That in two months when the next round of tests come back they show that I don't have Lupus. That's just one more issue that I am mentally not ready to accept.

They say God doesn't give you more than your an handle but I am really having a hard time handling this.

But it is also said that during your lowest moments it is those who stand by you that show you who your real support system and friends are so I am thankful to those individuals who are helping me through this. And Lord knows that I never would have been able to face these uncertain doctors appointments without my step - mom. Between her and my hubby I know I'm not alone but it is really hard to remember that when you're sitting in your bed feeling the pain in my abdomen from the surgery where my intestine had been scraped clean of scar tissue. Or when you're riding in a car home from dinner with your grandfather and a bump on the highway makes you want to cry from the pain.

One day I will wake up and the nightmares will be over ... and I pray that day is tomorrow.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Enchanted Book Promotions Presents: The Title of Temperance By: Ichabod Temperance

About the Book

Title: The Title of Temperance
Author: Ichabod Temperance
Genre: Steampunk / Paranormal
Ohhh, my noggin. What has happened? I took a whallop upside the head and woke up in a place far from my time and home. Instead of it being the modern era of 1877 like it ought to be, I am in the distant past of England’s Dark Ages! There are mighty warriors in gleaming armour, and beautiful ladies wearing colourful gowns with taffeta secured dunce caps.
This is the castle Camelot! I am in the company of King Arthur and his majestic Knights!
Golly, can you imagine? Me, Ichabod Temperance, an Alabama tinker in King Arthur’s Camelot!
Oh, Goodness, it ain’t took too long before I already have trouble up to my hat’s brim what with Mr. Merlin, Miss Morgana, and a big mean knight in black armour getting bristly with me. Gee whiz, if I ain’t careful, I might end up wrecking there ever having been a Western Civilization!

Author Bio

Standing over five feet, seven inches and weighing in at better than one hundred and thirty pounds, Ichabod Temperance is ‘The Alfalfa Male.’ After lengthy music, karate, and pro-wrestling careers, Ichabod’s involvment with movie stuntwork has led him to write these whimsical, steam-driven adventures. Mr. Temperance and his lovely muse, Miss Persephone Plumtartt, live in Irondale, Alabama, USA, along with their furry pack family.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Enchanted Book Promotions Presents:Survivor of the Clan by Jennifer Ott

Book Excerpt

Shelby headed toward center city with determination as Damien lagged behind, casually puffing on his cigarette and checking out a beautiful woman who passed. They headed toward Shevchenko Park where dancers performed Hopak, a traditional Ukrainian dance. On a normal day, she would thoroughly enjoy the performance. Now the folksy music, the clapping and shouting grated on her ears. It wasn’t the music, nor do the dancers that bought back the memory. It was the crowds and the nervous anticipation.
Reluctantly, she wedged herself in the crowd. She didn’t want to be there, nobody did, but it was a requirement for all. Feeling him behind her did give her some relief. She leaned back against his body, holding onto his hands. He was her support, as she was his.
Less than twenty years had passed since the war had ended. It shown on all their weary faces, trying to make it through the days. The hardest task of all was to display strength and pride. The best they call could offer was solidarity, not to the State but to each other.
Soon, down the street, red banners fluttered in the breeze coming off the sea. Children in pressed, white shirts and red ties sang in unison with the melody provided by the marching band:
Dark is the night, only bullets whistle in the steppe,
Only wind wails through the wires, stars dimly twinkle.
In this dark night, I know that you, darling, cannot sleep
And secretly wipe your tears away near the crib.
Despite the military parade, the soldiers, the tanks and missiles nearing, the children’s song, the recent memory of war and loved ones who passed, brought tears to her eyes. She did nothing to dry her face. She let the tears fall, put them on display for those who may be watching. Yes, there was cynicism in mourning.
A masculine wave of shouts resounded from the men performing the Hopak. Shelby brought her attention back to the men and their dancing feats. She scanned the crowds at the faces, all tourists and vacationers, and all enjoying themselves.
On the other side of the crowd she spotted Petro, holding a girl with red hair. She stepped forward, watching him point to the dancers, and treating her daughter as if she were his own. “Amelia!” she yelled. “Amelia!” She rammed through the crowd. “Amelia!”
Damien tried to keep up, grabbing the back of her jacket to stay with her. “Shelby!”
“Amelia!” she screamed.
When she reached the opposite side of the square Petro was gone. It didn’t stop her. She sprinted down the street. “Amelia! Amelia!” Finally accepting they were gone, she stopped ready to burst into tears. She bit her lip, squared her shoulders and observed her surroundings. “They’re around here somewhere.”

About the Book

Title: Survivor of the Clan
Author: Jennifer Ott
Genre: Thriller
Scottish doll maker Shelby Locke loses everything in one instant. She watches helplessly as motorcyclists assassinate her husband and abduct her daughter. Nagging questions and even confounding reminiscences only exacerbate the problem, and her geneticist father is no help.
In the aftermath of the violence, she discovers not-so-subtle hints, which prompt her to travel to Odessa, Ukraine. Upon her arrival she follows clues laid out by the perpetrators, as if they want to be discovered. What is even more shocking, she discovers her own true identity. Could she be one with those who took away her family?
To unite with her daughter, she must join forces with those bent on nihilism, and submit her loyalty to a man, whose life mission is to rekindle his long lost kin, even if by nefarious means.

Author Bio

Jennifer Ott graduated Albright College in Pennsylvania with a degree of Fine Arts. She also studied at the Syracuse London Center, filmmaking at NYU and screenwriting through Gotham Writer’s Workshops in New York City. Her screenplays The Tourist and Truth and Craziness were semi-finalists at Austin Film Festival. Full length novel, Saying Goodbye was honorable mention of Best Beach Book awards for romance in 2014, and novella Edge of Civilization received critical praise from the Vietnam Veterans Association. She has written numerous books of several different genres from satire, historical fiction, thrillers and literary fiction.
In the real world, away from her writing, she works as a product developer in the garment industry, which has offered her the opportunity to travel around the world. When not writing or working, she enjoys yoga, meditating and relaxing on the beach.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Enchanted Book Promotions Presents: Redfern by G.D. Tinhams

About the Book

Title: Redfern
Author: Gary Tinnams
Genre: Science Fiction
“Humans don’t project past their own frequency. It’s why you’re so isolated as a species. The beings of other frequencies can only witness what you build and feel what you destroy.”
Earth – Tomorrow – The Singularity:-
The machines have taken over and mankind is cast out.
Millennia later, the inhospitable planet of Redfern is in the process of being made habitable for the proposed rebirth of the entire human race. All is proceeding as planned until Enforcer, Ted Holloway, witnesses the unexpected appearance of a long dead and former friend – A man who can become invisible and immaterial, a man that can penetrate any and all security.
A man whose very existence should be impossible.
As Ted and his superior, Lisa Carmichael, investigate further, they face dangers and creatures that challenge their very concept of reality and also encounter the colony’s caretaker Machine Mind and the human Security Commissioner, both of whom have opposing and intricate agendas of their own.
For the true nature of Redfern is stranger and more deadly than anything Holloway or Carmichael can possibly imagine.
And it could change or destroy humanity forever…

Author Bio

I have been reading and watching science fiction since I was old enough to watch Peter Davison walking around an unrealistic jungle set in Doctor Who. The first set of sci-fi books I ever read was The Tripods trilogy by John Christopher without ever having watched the resultant TV series. The Tripods were scary.
Over the years I’ve come to love a variety of science fiction and fantasy books from many different eras and so came to the conclusion that I wanted to create my own adventures, set in my own worlds, with characters that acted and felt like real people. My third novel ‘Redfern’ is an adventure story which poses question about alien first contact, artificial intelligence, the singularity and the continued survival of our species at any cost.
“If you love your science fiction on the cinematic side but also want big ideas, intelligently explored, look no further.”


Twitter: @GDTinnams

Friday, March 24, 2017

Enchanted Book Tours Presents: Halayda by Sarah Delena White

About the Book

Title: Halayda
Author: Sarah Delena White
Genre: Mythology / Steampunk
A mortal alchemist. A faerie king. A bond that transcends death.
Betrayed by a trusted mentor, Sylvie Imanthiya hides on the fringes of society, caring for half-fae orphans and trading her alchemical creations on the black market. She lives for the one night each season when she can see her dearest friend—a man whose destiny is far above hers.
King Taylan Ashkalabek knows better than to exchange halayda vows with a mortal. Even their friendship is a risk; love is an impossible dream. Then a brutal alchemical attack poisons his realm, unearthing a dark power within him—and leaving Sylvie with the ancient mark of Faerie’s savior.
Manifesting unpredictable abilities and aided by allies with their own secrets, Sylvie and Taylan journey into the wilds of Faerie to heal the damage and confront Casimir, an invincible star-fae determined to claim the realm as his own. But only their enemy knows Sylvie’s true capabilities—and Taylan’s weaknesses—and how to use them in his vicious schemes.
Her fate is life. His fate is death. With Faerie in the balance, Sylvie and Taylan must stand together before reality as they know it is destroyed.

Author Bio

Sarah Delena White writes eclectic speculative fiction that reworks mythology with a fine balance of poetry and snark. She’s an experienced world traveler who loves to weave world folklore and ancient concepts into vibrant, original story worlds. She is the Benevolent Firebird (acquisitions editor) for Uncommon Universes Press. When she’s not writing or editing, she can be found making jewelry, singing Irish ballads, drinking tea, and working a variety of odd jobs. She can be bribed with dark chocolate.
Buy on Amazon
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HEA Book Tours Presents: Always Mine by AJ Renee

Series: St. Fleur, Book #2
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 28, 2017

After a few years of easy, small-town living as the St. Fleur librarian, Lindsey finds herself in the middle of a love triangle gone wrong. Gifts begin arriving and in time she realizes her confusing feelings over Derek, the sweet history teacher, and Marc, the man she doesn’t remember, is the least of her troubles. Her complicated love life takes a violent turn when she learns there is a stalker watching her every move.

When Marc visited his best friend’s new home months ago, he didn’t expect to meet the first woman to awaken his desire for more since he was a teen. Too bad she’s already taken. When their shared attraction leads them to the truth, will they finally get the happily ever after they both want?

Or will her current man, his best friend, and her stalker be the nails in the coffin of their attraction?

Series: St. Fleur, Book #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance with some Suspense
Release Date: August 18, 2016

Living in a world full of colors, Sofia Brazier escapes a career gone south as a juvenile probation officer in New Orleans. After moving to the small town of St. Fleur, Sofia opens a photography business in hopes of ridding her life of all the dark auras surrounding the damaged souls she once tried helping. Her comfortable new life is upended when widower, and ex-security-forces-turned-handyman hunk, Noah Tyler enters the local pub.

Noah attempts to avoid the voluptuous beauty who has captivated his every thought. That is, until his daughter vandalizes Sofia’s building and effectively seals their fate. After cutting his daughter a break, Sofia begins tearing down the walls he built after his wife’s death.

Just when life finally seems worth living for Noah, Sofia finds herself the victim of a string of crimes. Can he protect Sofia when he failed to protect his own wife?


Author to Widower’s Aura, Always Mine, and Finding love at the falls.... I’m a military wife and mother to three girls seven and under. Prior to these roles I lived in Florida where I attended the University of Central Florida. I received my Masters of Science in Criminal Justice and Bachelors of Science in Psychology. A decade later and I haven’t used either.

Writing a book was never a goal of mine, funny how life works out sometimes. I thought I would work for one of the many agencies that specialize in justice. Instead I decided to focus on a family once we married.

When I’m not shuttling my daughters around, you can find me at my laptop. I hope you enjoy my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

HEA Book Tours Presents: CRAVE by Dani Rene

CRAVE by Dani RenĂ© 
Forbidden Series Book #1
Dark Romance
Can love overcome hate?

When I first laid eyes on the perfect little blonde, I didn’t think she’d change my life. 
But the first time I tasted her, felt her, took her, I knew she was mine. 
I laid a wordless claim because as much as I desired her, I couldn’t have her.

I craved the dark, she filled me with light.
I loved delivering pain, she craved it.

Opposites merged by circumstance.
Hearts melded by passion.

Can light defeat darkness?

I should have feared him. 
Everything about him was drenched in the darkness he exuded. 

But one glance into his cobalt eyes, and I knew I was his. 
My heart allowed him entry, as did my body. And after the first time, my soul recognized his.
Desired what he delivered.

I craved his darkness, he bathed in my light.
I submitted to his desires, he craved my very being.

Running from him wasn’t an option.
Fate bound us in its intricate pattern.

*This is a dark romance, suitable for mature audiences, 18+ ONLY. Strong sexual themes and violence, which could trigger emotional distress, are found in this story. Certain scenes are graphic and could be upsetting to some. This story is NOT for everyone. Proceed with caution. Discretion is advised. This is book one of the Forbidden Series, but can be read as a standalone. Each book will feature a different couple. There is NO cliffhanger.



Photographer: Dave Kelley
Cover Model: Kenzie Kelly

Hey darlings,
I am an indie author and freelance graphic designer. I started focusing on writing in January 2015 and after a few fan fiction stories, I decided to publish Ace of Harts it was my first full length novella. On a daily basis I have a few hundred characters, storylines, and ideas floating around in my mind. If I am not on Pinterest or Instagram looking for my next muse, you can find me on Twitter or Facebook. So head on over, I love meeting new readers and authors.

When I am in the cave, I am happiest. If you can’t find me sitting behind my trusty MacBook writing about hot alpha males, I am probably drinking coffee at a coffee shop, or wine tasting one of the few hundred wine farms in my home city of Cape Town, in South Africa.

I have an addiction to reading (who doesn’t?), TV series, music, tattoos, chocolate, and ice cream. I am constantly looking for a new book to get lost in and new book boyfriend to fall in love with. My favorite authors include – M Never, K Webster, KL Kreig, Meghan March, and that’s just to name a few!

Much love xo